Prezentacja aplikacji: Aikido. Legacy of the O`Sensei (ENG)

slowThe application is mainly addressed to people who want to deepen knowledge in the field of heritage master of Morihei Ueshiba and terminology martial arts – aikido. The interface consists of three parts:
„O`Sensei calligraphy” which contains over 120 copies of O`Sensei calligraphy,
„Portraits of students O`Sensei” which contains portraits of 80 students of master Morihei Ueshiba,
„Dictionary aikido” which contains over 500 words along with the kanji.

Benefits: Discovering the traditions and philosophy of aikido, learning basic vocabulary, knowledge of the aikido masters.

„Aikido. Legacy of the O`Sensei” app does not need an internet connection to function properly. Dedicated for smartphone. Suggested ANDROID 4.3 (or higher). NOTE: need a lot of free RAM to run „Aikido. Legacy of the O`Sensei” app.